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This is a limited edition Stork FD Department Pin. This is a great gift. The pin size is 1.25" square and has a military clutch fastener. Item is Brand New.  (SILVER METAL FINISH) This item is also a great gift. Great for any  collector.


The mythology of the Stork started about 220 BC (China), the Stork was associated with the divine, as a messenger of God. The Hebrew word for Stork was equal to "kind mother". I remember as a small child hearing "The Stork brought you". This phrase began in Victorian times. I’d rather use this term than discussions about sex to curious children. Dutch and German fables wrote about Storks bringing babies to waiting parents. This came from the belief that Storks nesting on roofs and chimneys in Germany and Holland. This also meant abundant good fortune. In Bulgarian folklore, the Stork symbolized the arrival of Spring. When the Storks returned each year from their annual migration, some Bulgarian groups celebrated and held festival’s with dancing and partaking in alcoholic beverages. Nine months after these celebrations a lot of babies were being born. The implication was that the return of the Storks brought good luck and fertility. In our modern times and Western culture, these ideas have been handed down and the White Stork species is still a symbol of good fortune, fertility and new baby congratulations. Stork’s size, monogamy and faithfulness to their nests have helped to their myth. Historical nature accounts have said that the storks would burn to death in their nest rather than abandon it.