Just a few years ago during a meal at the Firehouse a new member made a statement to me. "Your a Knife and Forker".  I'm sure a Sr. Member told him to say this since he did not know what it was. It refers to members who only seem to show up when their is only a meal. Since I have a sense of humor and had a background in culinary arts I dug up some Knife and fork pins and gave them to my Sr. friends at the Firehouse. We were now official "KNIFE and FORKERS". My friend Dan said "If you had that pin in a Maltese you would make a fortune" (we didn't) But it was what started it all. Ricky (FDNY) gave us the idea for the Star of Davis EMS pin.  Joe (retired NYPD HWY) the Donut pin. So pretty much whatever happens in our daily life inspires us to make yet another pin. Every pin has a story, What is yours?