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This is a limited edition Celtic Cross FD Pin. This is a great gift. The pin size is 1.25" square and has a military clutch fastner. Item is Brand New. This item is also a great gift for a Department Chaplin or Irish. Great for any  collector.


The cross with its characteristic circle is probably trie most widely recognized of all Celtic symbols. Large stone crosses, known as ''High Crosses'' emerged as a major sculptural tradition in Ireland,Scotland and other Celtic lands from the 9th century or earlier. During the Celtic Revival new monuments in this style were crafted that added a self-conscious message of Celtic heritage to the widely recognized emblem of the Christian faith. The circle is often described as an halo or an eternity symbol. Much has been made of the similarity between the Celtic Cross and pagan sun symbols. There is a mystic tradition among Celtic Christians of interpreting this as a clairvoyant anticipation of the coming Gospel by the pre- Christian Druids.