Donald Trump 45th Presidential Inauguration Lapel Pin 2017

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Donald Trump 45th Presidential Inauguration Pin
(limited edition)
buy direct from the creator and only supplier
LARGER PIN THEN OTHERS for better detail
other pins are very small and detail is lost
these collectible pins are
1 3/8"
(one and three eighth inches) 
Pin is Die Struck Iron soft enamel pin
 in a 1 3/8 inch diameter size with one military clutch back.

Donald John Trump Born June 14, 1946 is a Great American businessman and politician. 
On January 20, 2017 He will be inaugurated the 45th President of the United States.
This beautiful pin commemorates this historic event. The election that will be spoken of for many generations. Buy one to wear and another to save. 
"Make America Great Again"